KAMIKAZE GROUND CREW @ Westbeth, Sunday Jan. 27th, 7.30pm

This is turning into an annual tradition – and a lovely one – come join us…
Doug Wieselman, clarinets & saxophones
Gina Leishman, alto & bari sax, accordion, piano, vox
Peter Apfelbaum, tenor sax
Steven Bernstein, trumpet, slide trumpet
Art Baron, trombone
Marcus Rojas, tuba
Kenny Wollesen, drums & wollesonics
Westbeth Community Room
155 Bank Street
West Village of Manhattan, NY 10014
(currently only accessible from Bank Street, NOT from Bethune Street,
due to the ongoing construction)
$15 suggested donation

Sept. – 12th Night in Houston

In September I will be re-creating a score that I wrote back in 2001 for the California Shakespeare Festival, this time for the Alley Theater in Houston.  Looking forward to once again working with long-time collaborator Jon Moscone, director.

On Sabbatical, with residencies

April 1 – September 1

I will be a guest artist at two residencies in August – first at the Centre de Art I Natura, in Farrera, Spain, then at the Akrai Residency in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily.

“Babette’s Feast” coming to New York

The production that began at Portland Stage in January is coming to New York for an open-ended run at St. Clement’s Theater, starting March 14th, with opening night set for March 25th. Based on the Isak Dinesen short story, conceived by Abigail Killeen, and written by Rose Courtney, the play is “the story of Babette, a French refugee, who finds asylum in a pious Norwegian village. With boundless generosity, she throws a lavish feast that becomes an agent of transformative grace.” Directed by Karin Coonrod,and designed by Chris Akerlind, two of my long-time collaborators, I was delighted to be able to provide the music and sound textures for this beautiful work.

“VAGABOND” Reading

A 3-day workshop and reading of the first full draft of  my latest opera, courtesy of the Duffy Institute for New Opera, who have commissioned its completion in conjunction with the Virginia Arts Festival.  I am deeply grateful for their support. The opera is based on the true story of the life and writings of Isabelle Eberhart, a turn of the 20th century writer and traveler who spent 7 years traveling with the Bedouin in Algeria, disguised as a young male Arab scholar, and who died in a flash flood in the desert, aged 27.

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