3-week residency at the Morris Graves Foundation

I have the great good fortune to have been offered a 3-week solo residency in March, at the Morris Graves Foundation in Fortuna, CA, to start work on a new piece. A new year, a new beginning…


“In the dark times
will there be singing?
Yes, there will be singing

about the dark times” – B.B.

Mr. Wau-Wa plays the songs of Bertolt Brecht

Gina Leishman, vox, accordion, pump organ
Rinde Eckert, vox, pump organ, accordion
Doug Wieselman, clarinets, saxophones, guitars, vox
Marcus Rojas, tuba

Kenny Wollesen, drums & wollesonics

Lethe Lounge, 618 W 113th St., New York, New York 10025


KAMIKAZE GROUND CREW @ Westbeth, Sunday Jan. 27th, 7.30pm

This is turning into an annual tradition – and a lovely one – come join us…
Doug Wieselman, clarinets & saxophones
Gina Leishman, alto & bari sax, accordion, piano, vox
Peter Apfelbaum, tenor sax
Steven Bernstein, trumpet, slide trumpet
Art Baron, trombone
Marcus Rojas, tuba
Kenny Wollesen, drums & wollesonics
Westbeth Community Room
155 Bank Street
West Village of Manhattan, NY 10014
(currently only accessible from Bank Street, NOT from Bethune Street,
due to the ongoing construction)
$15 suggested donation

Sept. – 12th Night in Houston

In September I will be re-creating a score that I wrote back in 2001 for the California Shakespeare Festival, this time for the Alley Theater in Houston.  Looking forward to once again working with long-time collaborator Jon Moscone, director.