I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been awarded a Discovery Grant from Opera America to support my collaboration with Joan Schirle, Founding Artistic Director of Dell’Arte International, on “Bird of the Inner Eye,” a chamber opera based on the life and letters of Pacific Northwest painter Morris Graves.
“OPERA America, the national service organization for opera and the nation’s leading champion for American opera, is pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of Discovery Grants from the Opera Grants for Female Composers program, which is made possible through the generosity oftheVirginia B. Toulmin Foundation.” Full press release at:…/20…/Discovery%20Grants%202019.pdf

Quartet house concert in NYC, Sunday April 7th

It’s been too long since I played with these wonderful musicians.  I’m leaving town again right after this, so carping the diem to make some sweet music.  It’s a real listening room, in a lovely old town house in Chelsea, hosted by a couple of serious music lovers – I’m very happy they are hosting this…

Gina Leishman, vox, bari uke, mandola, piano
Charlie Burnham, violin
Matt Minister, guitar

Brad Jones, bass

The Parlor Series at Dupuy’s Landing
433 W 22nd Street, Manhattan, between 9th and 10th Avenues. Please enter upstairs.
$20 donation at the door, cash only please.
RSVP required, limited seating available
please email RSVP to 

Solo house concert in San Francisco, Sunday, March 31st

$20-$50 donation
Doors open 3.45.
Cash only, no reservations

Wine/beer/pop will be served for a donation

How long has it been since I was in SF? So long I can’t even remember! Really looking forward to playing, singing, and catching up with everyone there… I’ll be delving into the Leishman Songbook archives as well as hopefully airing new ones, plus the odd Brechtian and/or music hall digression. Many thanks to the fabulous Beth Custer for hosting this.

3-week residency at the Morris Graves Foundation

I have the great good fortune to have been offered a 3-week solo residency in March, at the Morris Graves Foundation in Fortuna, CA, to start work on a new piece. A new year, a new beginning…