“One of New York’s most versatile composers…”
-Time Out

“She is not only a wonderful composer and performer, she is also a rare singer capable of conveying the deepest emotion with utter precision, while never giving in to sentimentality.”

“Ms. Leishman…stole the show when she sang her own “Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic”, which had wry lyrics, piquant dissonances and shifty meters recalling Stravinsky and Kurt Weill”
-New York Times

“gifted and idiosyncratic”
– San Diego Union Tribune

“an inspired composer”
– Robert Hurwitt, S.F. Chronicle


  • The Leishman Songbook
    “Gina Leishman’s bedtime stories aren’t like Mother Goose’s. Instead of singing baby to sleep, she enfolds us grown-ups in a warm nighty-night blanket which smells faintly of spilt cocktails and cigarette smoke….”    read more
  • Kamikaze Ground Crew
    “KGC’s music yields pleasure on its own terms… its bent but beautiful structures providing cover from the mainstream culture’s hail of mediocrity.”   read more
  • Theatre
    Leishman proves a superb comic foil as well as an inspired composer of the humorous accompanying score and a brilliant ‘orchestra of one’… periodically taking refuge in passionate attacks on the Moonlight Sonata or the martinis she concocts from her well-stocked, cleverly-disguised liquor cabinet.”   read more
  • Audio Books
    “It’s wondrous to listen to a fine reading of a long-loved novel. Leishman makes masterly use of volume, timbre and resonance to distinguish between characters and draw us into the emotional swings and vibrations of the internal musings of each…”   read more


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