Mr Wau Wa Returns to Lethe Lounge

Friday, February 16th, 8pm
Mr Wau Wa plays the songs of Bertolt Brecht
Times like these need songs like these…
The Mr. Wau Wa Band was formed in 1998 as part of a project at P.S 122, which was celebrating Bertolt Brecht’s centenary. The band was inspired by a photo of Brecht from the ‘20s, performing with some clowns including the famed Karl Valentin and his partner Liesl Karlstadt. Brecht is standing in a cart playing the flageolette, behind a roll-down cartoon drawing of a strong-man being run over by a car full of revellers, with the inscription “Mr. Wau Wa”.  With GL, Rinde Eckert, Doug Wieselman, Marcus Rojas and Kenny Wollesen.       View Event

Music for “Babette’s Feast”

I’ve written some new music for old friends… If you are up in Maine in the dead of winter, don’t miss this beautiful stage adaptation of Babette’s Feast, based on the Isaak Dinesen short story of the courageous refugee who gives all she has to make a transformative dinner for the closed community in which she finds herself.  Directed by Karin Coonrod, and designed by Chris Akerlind, two long-time collaborators of mine. The score includes my beautiful glass tiers – such a sound for the northern climes…

At Portland Stage Jan. 23 – Feb.18     Coming to New York later in 2018.

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Update on Vagabond

I’m thrilled to announce that as a result of the reading last March, the Duffy Institute for New Opera has decided to fund its completion, with a workshop of the entire piece in March of 2018. They flew the librettist over to New York in September for a meeting with all of us, and the work goes apace. I am so grateful for the support. Watch this space!