Gina Leishman

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, and Singer

Kamikaze Ground Crew (1985)

GL alto sax, bass clarinet, piccolo, accordion, vocals
Doug Wiselman clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor & baritone sax
Paul Magid clariinet, alto sax
Steven Bernstein trumpet
Howard Petterson trombone
Bud Chase tuba
Danny Frankel drums & percussion

Busmeat Records #BR101 (LP and cassette) (out of print)
rereleased in 1998 on Koch Jazz #KOC7855-2 (CD)

  1. Overture (Wieselman/Spae)
  2. Alabama Song (Weill/Brecht)
  3. Wendy’s (Wieselman)
  4. Fanfare (Wieselman)
  5. Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Kennedy)
  6. Fanfare – 5 (Wieselman)
  7. Blue wheels (Leishman)
  8. Stupid Song (Sharp Electronics)
  9. Wa-Wa-Wa (Schaeffer/Oliver)
  10. Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic (Leishman)
  11. Grushome (Wieselman)
  12. Fanfare (Wieselman)
  13. What? (Leishman)
  14. Desert Funk (Wieselman)
  15. Thunder & Blazes (Fucik/Landereau)
  16. Turn Your Lights Off (Wieselman)

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