Gina Leishman

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, and Singer

January 2nd, 2016, New York

Another year gone – who knows where the time goes (I think there’s a song in there somewhere…) but here’s to the new one! The old one went out in a suitably festive manner… the traditional party at my place on the solstice; christmas with good friends, first on the upper west side and then in brooklyn; a fabulous new year’s eve dinner and sleep-over with more friends – I’m a lucky so-and-so. And to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, a stirring walk along the river and then back out to Brooklyn for the great Bach Fest, reading all of the 1st book of Bach’s 48 fugues with a very large group of assorted musicians crammed into a very small apartment – such fun… (and excellent dumplings!)

And thankfully with the New Year has come some suitable weather – it’s COLD, finally! Thank goodness… it has been so weird – I walked past the Jefferson Market garden the other day and there were bearded irises and roses in profusion… they say that the Arctic is 15 degrees above normal… welcome to 2016…

Who knows what this year will bring (not to mention what kind of president we’ll have by the end of it)… so much sadness in the world, so much greed, so much violence and hate… but so much potential for optimism as well, as the new consciousness struggles to rise out of the murk… let your little light shine (there’s another song)… if nothing else, I think this past year has proved what the individual can do, for good or evil, when connected with others of like mind… so let’s shine a light on the darkness and refuse to allow it to drown us out… look out for your community, give and seek its support….

More music! more laughter in the face of it all… more love… I salute you all…