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July 15th, menorca

Back on my beloved isle, on the finca with sister and youngest nephew Brendan. All is well here, and I am slowly catching up on sleep, unwinding by working in the garden and swimming in the big blue bathtub… Orfeo was a triumph, ultimately – the giant rabbit popped out of the tiny hat in

May 15th, New York

Done. We gave Liz a good send off – at the crematorium, at the church and at the village hall – her house is empty, and mum is finally laid to rest with her parents and her brother in the family plot in chicago – enough of being a Leishman! However, mum is carved on

December, New York

I’ve been back a month, and sure enough I’m starting to get itchy feet… but I am determined to try and stay put this time. (finances also play a large part…) My new home (which I LOVE) is coming together slowly – trying hard to keep the clutter to a minimum (figuring out where and

Oct 15th, menorca

happy birthday mum… Little did I know when I named this blog the Transcontinental Shuffle how apposite the title would turn out to be – these past 2 months have turned me into a spinning top… 2 weeks in new york, 2 weeks upstate, 3 weeks in new york, 2 weeks in cotherstone, and so

August 4th

Tomorrow it’s back to New York. Really? … The week on the Isle of Skye was sheer delight: perfect weather, great hikes, great company, outdoor dining and wining, music making of all sorts, sleeping in front of a giant picture window looking north out to sea, the beach only feet away… heaven… My favourite? Probably

May 21st

Days of heavy rain, with intermittent intense sunshine and warmth… many hours of glorious sleep, with Ratonera to keep me company (she showed up the night I arrived, as always) – I feel her weight on the bed and think of Sam, hoping he’s enjoying his liberty in the garden and the studio, with angela

February 7th

And now she’s really gone – we had the thanksgiving service last weekend, and the cremation yesterday… The service was wonderful… a gloriously cold, crisp, sunny day, the little cotherstone church was packed to the rafters, the sun shone through the stained glass windows onto the flowers, the tributes were wonderful and everyone sang lustily