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Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, and Singer

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Covers (for Koch Jazz January 26th, 2000)

by Derk Richardson At the rate Kamikaze Ground Crew cranks out albums, we can expect the all-star band’s next pit stop around 2006. That’s OK, because there’s enough musical and emotional content under these Covers to fuel high-altitude listening for years to come. Originally organized to accompany the acrobatic antics of the Flying Karamazov Brothers,

SF JAZZ FEST 2006 website – KGC: A member-by-member look at this avant-jazz super group

by Cotton Sumlin The New York Times described Kamikaze Ground Crew (11/1) as “by turns an oom-pah-pah circus band, an earnest pit orchestra, and a bluesy septet.” As co-founder, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Gina Leishman describes the band: “KGC is indeed something of a super-group these days — old friends who are all at the top

PULSE Magazine – Kamikaze Ground Crew – The Scenic Route

by Marc Weidenbaum That line between classical and popular music is the crux of a musical philosophy that led to the formation of CounterCurrents, a year-old subsidiary of New World Records. CounterCurrents was created by Arthur Moorehead in an attempt to expand New World’s perspective on American classical music. Though Moorehead despises the term “chamber

JAZZIZ Magazine May 1994 – Kamikaze Ground Crew

by William Stephenson “Kamikaze Ground Crew”. Let me guess, Some John Zorn-ish enterprise with wailing horns and screaming voices and frenetic drumming. Ninety second barrages of improvisation, where the moment is everything, and each is crazed, anarchic, and unrepeatable. Serious hard core free jazz, right? Nope. Despite its evocative name, Kamikaze Ground Crew is more

AllAboutJazz August 2008 – Postcards from the Highwire – Kamikaze Ground Crew (Busmeat) In My Skin – GinaLeishman (GCQ)

by Sean Fitzell Gina Leishman revels in eclecticism, cherishing the journey as much as the destination. She plays saxophones, piano and bass clarinet as well as atypical wares like accordion, ukulele and harmonic glass. Best known to jazz listeners as the co-leader of the perennial horns-and-drums ensemble Kamikaze Ground Crew, she’s also worked in musical