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Monday, March 13th

A rare chance to hear a work-in-progress with orchestra and singers, organized by someone else! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Duffy Institute for New Opera

Virginia Arts Festival

440 Bank Street, Norfolk, VA 23510


Saturday, Feb.25th, 7pm


Westbeth Community Room


texts&beheadings - ElizabethR


Feb. 17th - Wesleyean College

Feb. 21st - Taconic Women’s Prison

Feb. 23rd - Cathedral of St. John The Divine,


   A short tour of the piece I did with Colombari at BAM in 2015 about Queen Elizabeth I - I know many folk didn’t get to see it then as it sold out really quickly, so here’s another chance...

   For rmore info go to


Saturday, Feb.4th, 8pm

MR. WAU-WA plays the songs of Bertolt Brecht

GL  vox, accordion, pump organ

Rinde Eckert vox, pump organ, accordion

Doug Wieselman  clarinet, sax, guitar

Marcus Rojas  tuba

Kenny Wollesen  percussion

times like these need songs like these...